About Us

At Charter Alliance Group LLC we are dedicated to making your life easier. We can assist you in chartering a single seat on a pre-existing charter. We can also assist our clients in chartering an entire aircraft. As we continue to work with charter providers we will strive to bring you additional options for various destinations.

The Charter Alliance Group LLC was started with one thing in mind; to provide the business traveler with the convenience of a chartered aircraft at or below airline prices. We are pleased to provide customers the support in chartering an aircraft, though our main focus will be to develop Public Charters. Public Charter Flights offered by Charter Alliance Group are subject to Department of Transportation Public Charter Regulations under Title 14CFR Part 380. Please go to www.dot.gov for more information on Public Charter flights.

Charter Alliance is working with air charter companies such as the Denver Air Connection to promote these Public Charter opportunities. In the future, we anticipate that many charter providers that have existing public charters with open seats available will utilize the Charter Alliance Group to post available trips for our clients. This will allow companies to afford their existing customers a lower charter rate if the customer will allow their open seats to be made available to the general public. Not only will the public charters allow customers to save when flying with a charter company, they will eliminate hours of frustration. This will allow passengers to AVOID long lines while minimizing the hassle we have all encountered since 9/11 at commercial airports such as Denver International Airport.

The timing is right. It appears airline tickets are not going to be as inexpensive as they have been in the past, the lines at the airport are getting longer, travel to and from the airport has become more expensive and time consuming. With a Public Charter no more getting to the airport two hours early, depart from a local airport near your home and of course, there is always that little issue of parking, and for the truly lucky, standing in line with your shoes off at the TSA security zone. All this, so you can fork over more than what it may cost to fly a Public Charter. We anticipate when charter companies are introduced to this opportunity they will be eager to post available seats. Be sure to check our website for new locations and destinations.




With Our Preferred Provider

The Denver Air Connection

The Denver Air Connection is a private air charter company offering first rate travel in a 30 seat Dornier Jet, 30 seat Brasilia,  or a 19 seat Metroliner. Our Metroliner can be chartered for less cost per person than a full fare on most airlines. This air travel service is provided in cooperation with the Charter Alliance Group to bring a fantastic new opportunity to travel on a chartered flight.

The Denver Air Connection allows you to escape commercial travel inconveniences such as parking hassles, long lines, and high ticket prices, all of which are regularly encountered at large commercial airports.

Charter travel with the Denver Air Connection provides great support for the frequent business traveler tired of wasting countless hours at busy airports.

With our charter program, you arrive to free parking (at most locations) while your rental car awaits just outside the door at your destination.

The Denver Air Connection offers traditional charters throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The Denver Air Connection operates its aircraft under Part 121 and 135 guidelines set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. Our aircraft are maintained to strict Federal Aviation Administration standards. This provides extremely safe and convenient travel.

The Denver Air Connection is thrilled to offer an unparalleled opportunity in air travel while maintaining safe, secure, and hassle free travel. The advantage of this new service is becoming exceedingly apparent when travelers consider the conveniences provided by our private air charter company.